What To Expect At House of Glory

  1. In today’s chaotic world, it’s good to know there is a place you can find peace and rest. Where can you find freedom from the fear induced mindset infiltrating our society today? Step into the sanctuary of House of Glory, and you will immediately sense this peace that goes beyond the norm of what you’re experiencing. House of glory will not leave you hanging. It will show you how you can incorporate this Peace into your daily life.
  2. What is truth? One group says one thing, another says something different. At House of Glory, you will discover what truth really is. But it’s not going to be given with words of condemnation. It’s presented in a gentle way through music, testimonies, and teachings. To live your life successfully you need to have the right foundation. Too many people today are just “hitting at the wind” not really accomplishing what they want to accomplish in life. Perhaps the avenues they’ve sought to find fulfillment have all turned into dead end roads. House of Glory will help you get your life back on track. It will point you to the God who loves you as you are, but also loves you too much to leave you in the same condition He found you in.
  3. We all need help to find and stay on the best pathway for our lives. In the past, families were content to gather together on a Sunday morning singing hymns, hearing preaching from the Word, and then meeting afterwards for coffee and cake. But sometimes it became a ritual without any life to it. At House of Glory- you won’t find boring, dead religion. There’s life there- life that wants to enter into every part of your being and transform you from the inside out!
  4. Families have been restored, sick bodies, minds & emotions made whole, and the lost have been found through the powerful ministry at House of Glory!
  5. Come as you are. You won’t feel judged or excluded. Taste and see that the Lord is good! We’ve all made mistakes in life. None of us can claim perfection except the one who died on a cross and rose from the dead for us. The Presence of Jesus is alive and well at The House of Glory.” He is the one we are lifting up. Jesus said, “When I be lifted up I will draw all men ( and women) to me.” ( John 12:32) That’s what is happening in the House of Glory. Because Jesus is being lifted up there, miracles are occurring. Come and get whatever miracle you may need. Jesus cares about you and He wants to minister to you specifically. You won’t be just another face at House of Glory. You are somebody who matters. God cares about you, and we do too!
  6. Bring the whole family if you would like to. There’s a Sunday school for the children ( ages 5-13) that your kids will love to attend. Your whole family will be impacted and strengthened by the relevant messages and caring connections you will make there.
  7. Effective discipleship programs are available throughout the year to help you grow in your faith and Christian walk. The interactions, friendships, and answers to questions people have had in these groups have proved invaluable to the individuals who have attended them.
  8. Pastor Kevin Winne and his lovely wife, Terry would very much like to meet you! They’re available to speak with either before the 10AM service on Sundays or afterwards. You can also call the church for further info @ 518-966-4519.  Hope to see you there! You won’t be disappointed.