A Message of Hope

Our mission is to build the Kingdom Of God, to bring heaven to earth. The purpose of the kingdom is to see people completely whole and well – spirit. soul, & body
We want to see every person fulfilling their God given destiny and purpose in life.

We believe in allowing the Word of God through the power of the Holy Spirit to change lives. It is done by God’s love, not by mandating people to behave according to the Law and Commandments but by the grace of God which empowers us to walk uprightly.
Our righteousness is based on the finished work of the cross through Jesus Christ, not our own works.

I believe one of the roles of the Shepherd is to equip the flock for the work of the ministry, and to believe in them enough to release them so they can use their God given gifts & talents. I have allowed many to preach, pray for the sick, prophesy, serve communion, & many other duties once thought only to be the pastors responsibilities.